Moscow’s 1819 Vote Against Statehood

It is interesting to note that Moscow voted very differently with regard to Maine's statehood than did the neighboring town of Bingham. Bingham voters were decisively for separation from Massachusetts, whereas Moscow's voters were against it - almost in an inverse ratio. Moscow's town records indicate that early town meetings were held at the home … Continue reading Moscow’s 1819 Vote Against Statehood

Bingham’s 1819 Vote for Statehood

Two hundred years ago, in July 1819, Constable Benjamin Goodrich received a directive from the selectmen of Bingham ordering him to notify the town's qualified voters of a meeting to vote on the separation of Maine from Massachusetts. The text of their notice follows: To Benjamin Goodridge Constable of the Town of Bingham, Greetings: You … Continue reading Bingham’s 1819 Vote for Statehood