Bingham’s 1819 Vote for Statehood

Two hundred years ago, in July 1819, Constable Benjamin Goodrich received a directive from the selectmen of Bingham ordering him to notify the town's qualified voters of a meeting to vote on the separation of Maine from Massachusetts. The text of their notice follows: To Benjamin Goodridge Constable of the Town of Bingham, Greetings: You … Continue reading Bingham’s 1819 Vote for Statehood

Bowtown – McGuire, Brown, Pooler, and Bean

When local people speak of Bowtown, they commonly refer to the settlement on the west bank of the Kennebec, across from the north end of Caratunk and the south end of The Forks. There is a low flat intervale there, which was home to several generations of families. The neighborhood included a cluster of homes, … Continue reading Bowtown – McGuire, Brown, Pooler, and Bean