Moscow’s 1819 Vote Against Statehood

It is interesting to note that Moscow voted very differently with regard to Maine's statehood than did the neighboring town of Bingham. Bingham voters were decisively for separation from Massachusetts, whereas Moscow's voters were against it - almost in an inverse ratio. Moscow's town records indicate that early town meetings were held at the home … Continue reading Moscow’s 1819 Vote Against Statehood

The Tragic Death of Milford Baker

On May 1, 1933, Bingham and Moscow lost a favorite son in a tragic accident at the foot of Wyman Dam. Beloved local photographer Milford Baker was fishing with friends Vernard (Bunny) Pierce, Harry LaPointe, and Phillip Collette at the salmon pool below the dam, when their rowboat was caught in a whirlpool and dragged … Continue reading The Tragic Death of Milford Baker

Moscow’s Chamberlain / Dresser Hill

The 1860 Chace map of Moscow, Maine shows the location of Dresser Hill, which was  better known, earlier and later, as Chamberlain Hill. The names come from families who settled there in Moscow's early days. Moses Chamberlain and his sons settled around 1820. The Dresser family came and went quickly during the 1830's and 1840's, … Continue reading Moscow’s Chamberlain / Dresser Hill