Men Who Worked on the Canada Road in 1819

Is your ancestor on this list of men who worked to build the Old Canada Road?

Almost 200 years ago, in May 1819, Caleb Jewett of Norridgewock bought a blank record book and began to record the expenses for making the Canada Road in the second year of its construction under his supervision.* This portion of the road was laid out on the west side of the river from Concord to Parlin Pond, where the  road through William Bingham’s Million Acres would meet the State’s** road to Quebec.

Map of the Old Canada Road

1834 Map of the Old Canada Road, Old Canada Road Historical Society

The first items Jewett procured were 81 3/4 yards of tow cloth for tents, a hank of cod line, nine iron shovels, three barrels of beef, and three of pork. The last few pages of his expense record contain lists of payments to the men who worked on the road that year—a very valuable record of those who lived in the nearby towns of Bingham, Concord, Embden, New Portland, Pleasant Ridge, Moscow, The Forks, and others.

Expenses for Labor 1819 (in the order of entry)

John Keliher for lodging boatman 1.50
Tufton Vittum for making ¾ mile road 150.00
Joel & Rufus Chase for labour done on dead River Hill 90.00
Daniel Ladd 14.15
Nath’l Grant 12.57
Nath’l Foster 15.00
Joshua Thompson 15.00
Ned Elder 15.00
Isaac Temple 15.00
Edw L Sterry 20.00
Sylvanus Williamson 27.35
Barnabas Bates 21.58
David G Crombie 12.84
Sam’l Davis Jr 29.95
Sam’l Davis Sr 19.00
Nath’l Whitcomb 60.77
Thomas Whitcomb Jr 61.15
Adin Brigs Jr 20.67
William Collins 20.22
Nath’l Delano 41.92
Richard York 16.50
Ruben L Whitcomb 56.03
Eben’r Hutchinson 43.59
Joseph Runcoo 14.49
David Quimby 11.27
John French 11.69
Joseph Elder 57.00
Charles Elder 52.00
Richard Adams 59.52
John Davis Jr 63.00
Richard Pomeroy 30.69
Nathan Moody 50.65
James Bickford 45.10
Chas Baker & others 425.62
Peter Royal 74.97
Jesse Witham 30.42
Jon’n Williamson 48.86
Benj’n Witham 31.15
George Rowe Jr 45.69
Frances Burns 14.38
Dan’l Spaulding 88.05
Jon’n Spaulding 33.90
Solomon Knight 19.38
Samuel Leeman 45.69
Joel Chase for labour of him self and brother 64.38
Joel Chase for hauling provis 14.00
W Bumpus & Jerry Bean 275.00
John Warren Bumpus 25.75
Dan’l Churchill 40.25
Joseph Spaulding Jr 57.69
Joseph Spaulding Senior 182.00
Sam’l Ball 24.84
Reuben Thompson 16.00
Nathan Fish 18.70
John Pomeroy Jr 32.84
Joel Chase for the use of his oxen above ded River 22.75
Col Joseph Kinsman 374.65
Joseph Thompson Esq’r 345.00
Jason Greenleaf 12.17
Caleb Williams 19.04
Peter Pierce 27.34
Zelotes Lowell 61.85
Levi Ellis 13.73
John Skillins 13.00
John Salley 31.50
Thomas Salley 2.32
Benj Pomeroy 23.19
Job Griffin 58.14
John Quint 16.00
Morrel Green 10.37
Robert Nichols 14.00
Nathan Chapin 16.62
Joseph Greenleaf 18.32
Henry Chapman 47.41
John Chapman 3.48
Ezekel Jones 34.59
O Z [A.Z.] Littlefield 2.07
Ebn’r Colby 9.15
Josiah Beane 6.32
John Gray 48.34
Joseph Beane 3d 58.50
O Z [A.Z] Littlefield 58.50
Tho’s Swift 31.50
Davis Chase 37.68
William Quint 144.19
John Kealihe[r] 25.25
John Pierce 11.07
Hugh Kelihe[r] 23.85
Aron Beane 19.38
David Hildreth 35.08
Robert Nichols 11.10
Washington Mcintire 30.45
Amherst Spofford Jr 12.45
Joseph Baker 22.15
Capt Josiah Heald 111.00
Ben’j Weston for ferriages 6.38
Josiah Chase for boarding the workman 21.79
George Chase for driving the teams to haul Provisions into the woods 30.00
James Bolman Jr for Blacksmithing 2.64
Mr Bates for Ditto 1.00
Benj Colby Jr for Blacksmithing 14.48
Dan’l Felker hauling provisions 10.00
Luther Moore for boating 29.50
Stephen Chase for Ditto 48.50
Dan’l Woodman for hauling 22 cut to J Chase’s @ 3/- 11.00
Benj Weston Jr for hauling 41 cut @ 3/= 20.50
M Loring for hauling 10 cut to Capt Goodridge’s @ 3/- 5.00
Joshua Sylvester for hauling 5 cut @ 3/- 3.00
Luther Cleveland Jr for hauling 15 ½ cut @ 3/- 7.75
Wales Gould for hauling 12 Cut @ 3/- 6.00
Benj Weston for hauling 381/4 cut @ 3/- 19.25
Nath’l Brown for 61 cut ship bread 355.00
Hauling the above from Hollowell to Norridgewock @ 3/ per cut 30.50

The Forks of the Kennebec: Sources for an early history of settlement and timber speculation, in the chapter “Getting There,” contains this list in addition to the labor list Jewett made for 1818.

** Maine was still part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts until 1820.


  • Records of Caleb Jewett, Maine State Archives.
  • Sterling-Gondek, M. Transcribed by the author in The Forks of the Kennebec, 2018, 42-45.



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