Samuel Fling’s “Bowtown” Lots

[Continued from the previous article] There were a few homes in the northeast corner of Carrying Place Township that were part of what was known as the "Bowtown" neighborhood. The homes were eventually built on lots #17, #18, and #24A, as drawn on the Coburn survey of Carrying Place (T1R3WKR) in 1820. Two of those … Continue reading Samuel Fling’s “Bowtown” Lots

Bowtown – McGuire, Brown, Pooler, and Bean

When local people speak of Bowtown, they commonly refer to the settlement on the west bank of the Kennebec, across from the north end of Caratunk and the south end of The Forks. There is a low flat intervale there, which was home to several generations of families. The neighborhood included a cluster of homes, … Continue reading Bowtown – McGuire, Brown, Pooler, and Bean

Bowtown – James Edwin Powell

[Continued from previous article] The deed to David Young's Bowtown Possession passed to the hands of Jonas Brown from Daniel Steward. Jonas sold the lot to his brother, Stephen Brown in 1837. Stephen and Jonas Brown were sons of David Jr. and Esther (Buttrick) Brown of Baldwin, Maine. Another son, Thomas, married Harriet Baker Pierce, … Continue reading Bowtown – James Edwin Powell

Bowtown – David Young Jr, First Recorded Settler

Bowtown was part of William Bingham's Kennebec Purchase, designated as Township No. 1, Range 4, West of the Kennebec River.  When estate agent John Black conducted a survey of settlers in 1820, David Young, Jr. was the only occupant listed within Bowtown proper. Black sought to reach purchase agreements with each of the settlers. David … Continue reading Bowtown – David Young Jr, First Recorded Settler